How can I test my air purifier?

March 20, 2023

A comfortable microclimate in the house is formed taking into account a number of factors. Although today it is extremely problematic to get clean and healthy air. The reason for this is a variety of negative manifestations. And the general state of ecology leaves much to be desired.

The solution to this problem is the use of air purifiers. We are talking about special devices, which are used to remove harmful elements and foreign substances from the air. The equipment works on a simple principle. Fans feed the air to the filtering elements for purification. The flow is then sent into the room, the air is purified, and the process is repeated cyclically until the unit is turned off.

How to Test a Unit

Many users are interested in being able to test the effectiveness of the unit. You can do this in different ways. And each of them has its own features, advantages and disadvantages.

You can order and purchase a device in a specialized store to assess the air quality in the apartment. There are different modifications of such devices on the market, differing not only in characteristics, but also in cost. In any situation, additional costs cannot be avoided.

You can also use special detectors. They react to carbon monoxide and its components, and their triggering will indicate the insufficient efficiency of the used air purification equipment.

сAnother option for checking is to use your own eyesight and sense of smell. If even after prolonged operation of the air purifier the air has extraneous impurities, the rate of incoming and outgoing flows has decreased significantly, there is mold in the corners, and the abundance of hair particles is not reduced after a comprehensive treatment using various filter modules, then it is worth thinking about prevention.

What to keep in mind

Each filter used requires an individual approach. The frequency of its replacement (or maintenance) depends not only on the intensity of operation and the loads it withstands, but also on the modification of the element itself.

Here is a typical inspection schedule for filter modules. Additional information can be found on the website of the equipment manufacturer or directly in the instructions of the specific air handling unit.

For moderate capacity and average load of the system, the following is an approximate period of use of the filters:

  • Charcoal. Period of service of the module does not exceed 3-6 months;
  • Replacement is recommended every 12-18 months;
  • Pre-filter. Cleaning is mandatory every month, and replacement is done as the element wears out;
  • Permanent. Needs cleaning every 3 months. Replacement is done when there is damage.

 We have considered options for checking the air cleaner and determined the regulated frequency of filter element replacement. But the specified terms are only a guideline. Therefore, at the first hints of the unit’s efficiency decrease, it is necessary to perform its maintenance and replace (clean) the filters that need attention.

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