How to get rid of the unpleasant odor of animals forever?

November 3, 2022

Cats, dogs and other pets bring not only good emotions into our lives, but also unpleasant odors. Of course, this is not a reason to abandon animals! Modern disinfection devices eliminate all unpleasant odors in 15 minutes, including the specific odors of pets.

The main «weapon» of modern devices is ozone. No folk methods can be compared with it in terms of effectiveness. It’s safe, environmentally friendly and eliminates odors by 100%.

In this article, we will tell you in detail how to get rid of unpleasant odors in the apartment quickly and effectively.

How to get rid of cat odor in the apartment?

The territory marked by a cat is difficult to miss because of the unpleasant odor. The fresher the pollution, the easier it’s to remove, but old odors can be removed with an ozonizer or air purifier.

How to get rid of the cat urine odor?

Ozone completely eliminates odor in the most inaccessible places.

Follow these steps to remove cat urine odor:

  1. Remove any remaining urine and cover the stain tightly with plastic wrap.
  2. Treat the contamination with ozonized water.
  3. Pull the ozone tube under the wrap to the center and turn on the ozonator, for example, EcoQuest Fresh Air, for 1-2 hours.

If the cat used your shoes instead of a tray, the algorithm of actions is the same: rinse the shoes with ozonated water and put an ozone hose inside, then leave the device turned on for an hour.

If the source of the odor is not found, you need to treat the entire room with ozone:

  1. Remove plants and leave the room with your pets.
  2. Turn on the ozonator, for example, Living Air Classic HEPA, for 10-60 minutes.
  3. After treatment, ventilate the room.

If the cat regularly goes to the tray, and the unpleasant odor comes only from the tray, you should use Pet Air Purifiers or recirculator. Plug the Air Ionizer Purifier EcoZone into an outlet near the tray or place the Fresh Air EcoBox nearby.

How to get rid of dog odor?

The specific odor is normal for a dog. If the pet follows the rules of hygiene and is healthy, the level of bad odor from the dog will decrease, but will not completely disappear.

Ozonation is a solution to the problem of how to get rid of unpleasant dog odor. Disinfect the room as a whole or individual places according to the instructions above.

Do the following to disinfect your pet’s personal belongings:

  • Place them in a bag or box.
  • Lower the ozonizer tube and turn it on for 20 minutes.

How to get rid of the unpleasant odor of cats and dogs with folk methods?

Folk methods are ineffective and require your active participation, while modern disinfection devices are enough to turn on and leave the room.

The following folk remedies will help you get rid of an unpleasant odor if the pollution is fresh:

  • Treat hard surfaces with a solution of potassium permanganate (they acquire a pink color except for light things);
  • Clean dark hard surfaces with iodine solution (15-20 drops per 1 liter of water);
  • Wipe the contamination with vinegar, lemon juice or sprinkle with soda;
  • Treat contamination on the floor with a paste of soda and liquid soap; after a few hours, remove the residue and rinse the floor;
  • Treat fresh contamination on shoes, linoleum, leather things with glycerin;
  • Wipe the contaminated area of ​​furniture with ammonia and ventilate the room;
  • Treat with special household chemicals from animal odors;
  • After aggressive chemicals with a pungent odor, mask their odor with water and essential oil.

Chlorine-containing products are toxic. Therefore, study the composition of household chemicals and the effect of folk remedies on animals before removing the cat odor.

Modern devices make it easy to get rid of any unpleasant odor in just 10 minutes without additional effort.

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