Malfunctions of air purifiers

March 9, 2023

Clean and fresh indoor air not only determines a person’s well-being, but also their health. That is why air purification, especially in a polluted climate, is given such serious attention today. Different units and equipment are used, but air purifiers stand out because of their high efficiency and functionality.

They are designed for a long service life and can withstand serious wear and tear. But even in their work, problems are possible. Some of them are related to the user’s inattention and non-compliance with the basic rules of using the installation. But there are also other reasons. Let’s talk about the main malfunctions, as well as deal with their features in more detail and carefully.

Breakdowns and their causes

In addition to user blunder, malfunctions in the work of the device can be associated with its prolonged use and excessive loads on the system. In such a situation, the breakdown of even the most reliable device will only be a matter of time.

Also, problems can be associated with improper repair or the use of poor quality parts in its performance. Do not forget about the natural wear and tear of the components. In this case, the repair should not cause any questions.

But what are the most common breakdowns? Let’s talk about the main of them.

Main malfunctions

Let’s consider those problems that users encounter most often:

  • Air is not coming out of the appliance. Perhaps it’s all about a faulty fan or problems with its power supply. These aspects should be checked first;
  • There is no effect even when the appliance is running for a long time. Here it is worth examining the condition of all necessary filters, deal with condensation in the room or things that prevent the normal operation of the device (furniture and other objects). Perhaps the room is too large for equipment of this capacity;
  • Operation is carried out against the background of excessive noise. In this case, it is worth inspecting the filters and make sure there are no packing bags on them.

Control difficulties

If the unit does not turn on, there may be a power failure, damaged contacts, or a problem with the electronic circuitry of the unit.

If the unit shuts off at will, it may indicate a problem with its auto shut-off system. In such a situation requires a comprehensive diagnosis, which will allow to accurately locate the problem.

Lack of possibility to adjust the speed of the device indicates its wrong setting or choosing one of the automatic modes. Here it is necessary to disable the option “Smart” (or its equivalent), and then make the required adjustment.

Also, quite often users complain about the lack of reaction when pressing a button. But they forget about the accidental or deliberate locking. You can remove the child lock by pressing and holding the “AUTO LOCK” button for a short time.

Problems with air flow

But that’s not all. A separate category should include airflow difficulties. Among them:

  • The quality indicator does not show the actual condition of the air. Here it is necessary to check the air intake of the device and carefully examine the settings set;
  • The outgoing air flow has little intensity. It is all about serious contamination of the filters, which require immediate cleaning or replacement;
  • Unpleasant odor during operation of the equipment. Its appearance indicates the need for maintenance, cleaning or disinfection of the unit. And about timely replacement of filters with periodic airing of the room is not worth forgetting.

 We have considered the main breakdowns that occur during operation of the air purifier. Their appearance can be caused by the negative impact of various external factors. But regardless of the cause of the malfunction, you should not repair the unit yourself. Such work requires a certain experience and qualification. It is better to entrust the repair to a professional team, which will perform the task promptly and with the provision of a guarantee.

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