Air Purifiers for cars

Unpleasant odors in the car can dampen the mood and make every drive quite a challenge. A cigarette smoked in the vehicle or the intense perfume smell of a passenger disturbs harmony and can distract concentration from the road traffic. With a car air purifier with an ionizer, unpleasant and annoying odors in the vehicle are a thing of the past.

The function of a car air purifier

A mobile air cleaner should not be confused with an air freshener or similar accessories. While air fresheners only mask unpleasant odors, an air purifier absorbs and neutralizes them.

Ionizer produces negatively charged ions and thus improves the air quality. To achieve the purifying effect and turn on an air purifier, it is plugged into the 12-volt socket of the cigarette lighter. It requires electricity to release ions and thus act against bad odors and remove them from the interior of vehicles.

The functionality of high-quality ionizers leaves no wish unfulfilled and ensures a noticeable cleaning of the air in the vehicle even with a short application. Unlike an air freshener, the unpleasant odors disappear permanently and are not just drowned out by another smell. So in the cold season, you can confidently travel with the windows closed and still remove cigarette smoke or other odors from the vehicle and not be greeted by a mixture of different smells when you get in.

Advantages and disadvantages of the car air purifier

With a car air purifier, the air in the vehicle is always fresh and free from all odors. The car air cleaner works effectively against stubborn cigarette smoke and against the smell of beer bottles left open in the vehicle, against the unpleasant smell of wet dogs or other vapors.

Instead of simply masking the odor, creating an often very unpleasant mixture, an ionic air freshener for a car can truly and permanently remove it. The only disadvantage is based on the usually high price of the purchase and the need for the ionizer to work only when the engine is on and to require a power source for its operation.

Helpful tips for the purchase car air purifier

There are different car ionizers and a wide portfolio of manufacturers that advertise different levels of effectiveness, making it difficult to decide on a model. If you want to buy an in-car ionizer and ensure clean air inside the vehicle, you should look at tests and reviews of other users.

A high-quality ionizer actually affects the air quality in the vehicle and thus has an optimal effect on the mood while driving. So that the mood does not tip and the bad air is truly filtered out, one should refrain from cheap offers and focus on high-quality car air purifiers. A comparison of different offers is advisable and shows how differently the individual models work and what effect the owner can expect. Generally, you should pay attention to the fact that every vehicle air purifier works with electricity and should at best be connected to the battery via the cigarette lighter. Versions with internal batteries provide less power and are usually not suitable for achieving really clean air in the vehicle.