Industrial Air Purifiers

Commercial (Industrial) Air purifiers

In industrial production, a whole range of health-endangering indoor air pollutants can occur, including, for example, dust particles from wood, metal, textiles, paper, or plastics. Industrial dust can trigger allergies or asthma and cause lasting damage to the respiratory tract. In particular, dust from chromium-containing alloys and dust from hardwood are carcinogenic.

With air purifiers, industrial companies can protect their employees from dust and other pollutants in the air, as well as prevent dust buildup on products. The industrial purifiers meet the special requirements with their very high filter performance and three-stage filter system consisting of pre-filter, HEPA filter, and activated carbon filter.

Workplaces in the industry are subject to very specific health and safety regulations. Therefore, particularly high demands are placed on the performance and filter technology of an air purifier.


The performance of air purifiers commercial line must be based on occupational health, safety regulations and on the strength of the room air contamination with dust or other particles. If the air load is rather low, an air purifier should be able to filter the entire volume of indoor air at least twice an hour. With high levels of pollution, it might be necessary to filter the room air four to five times per hour.

Filter technology Commercial (Industrial) Air purifiers

Air purifiers used in the industry should have high-quality HEPA filters of at least Class 13, and preferably Class 14, to filter the dust that occurs in the room air. These filters consist of multi-layer filter mats, which can be made of glass fibers or cellulose, and are capable of trapping particles as small as 0.3 microns. This includes even mold spores.

To prevent the HEPA filter from clogging too quickly with dust, an industrial air purifiers should also be equipped with a coarse pre-filter for larger particles. To ensure that an industrial air purifier can also cope with volatile chemicals in the workplace, such as solvents, another filter – an activated carbon filter – must also be installed in the device.

How to choose an industrial purifier?

For professional use in the industry, you will need large air purifiers that can cope with high room air volumes and are equipped with several filters for this purpose. We suggest you get an air purifier with a capacity of 4000 m³/h. Such models are usually suitable for professional use in industry and this capacity makes the device suitable for work areas of 200-250 m².

If you have a problem with choosing a suitable model, be sure to contact our support team. They are always happy to help and are sure to find you an air purifier your company really needs. If you are not ready to research every model on the market personally, this is the best way of finding the right device.

With an air cleaner industrial device, the workspace will become much safer. Dust will be reliably filtered out of the air and not settle on the stored goods. The significantly lower dust exposure and undeniable benefits the health of employees.