Pet Air Purifiers

Air purifiers for pet hair and smells

Sniffling, itching and sneezing are the main symptoms of an animal hair allergy. Cat allergy is particularly common. For a pet owner, this diagnosis is not good because the conflict between animal love and personal well-being is very stressful. Does the animal have to go away or can an air purifier for pet allergies help?

The best therapy for allergies is basically to avoid the allergen. Of course, this is easier said than done for pet owners. A purifier for pets helps to reduce the contamination of the home with pet hair and can – depending on the severity of the allergy – thereby provide relief for the person affected. It also can help to get rid of aminal smells in your home, so, all in all, a pretty useful device.

What should you pay attention to when choosing an air purifier for pets?

If you decide to buy an air purifier for pet, you should pay attention to several criteria:

  • A HEPA filtration system is a must. Allergens are tiny and can only be removed by tightly woven filters. HEPA filters manage to stop even the smallest particles down to 0.2 µm.
  • A device to match the room. Purifiers differ in their air performance and how much air they can circulate in a particular timeframe. Make sure that the device has a capacity that matches the room size.
  • Ionizer or no ionizer. Such devices clean the air with ions and get rid of complex forms of pollutants. Due to the high weight, the particles sink to the floor – or rather onto the sofa, bed, and so on. If you are not ready to clean every surface regularly then you will be exposed to a higher concentration of allergens, which can become very problematic under certain circumstances. Ionizers are therefore only recommended in combination with HEPA filters.
  • Price-performance ratio. Quality has its price, however, when buying a device, also consider the regular follow-up costs for replacement filters. It is no use if you buy a great device but then can not pay the filter costs.

A good air purifier for pets hair undoubtedly improves the air quality and, to a certain extent, also helps with animal allergies and other air pollution. In the case of mild allergies, you can even live with a cuddly cat in the house largely without symptoms with the help of an air purifier for pet dander.

Should you get an air purifier for pets?

You can rest easy knowing that the air purifier for pet odor provides protection against pet allergies and cleans your home – resulting in fresh air. Besides, most models can do much more than just filter out pet and human hair. Consider what pollutants your environment is exposed to and how large the performance spectrum of a purifier must be in order to guarantee fresh air.

You do not have to buy the best air purifier for pets, the inexpensive entry-level devices are sufficient to ensure that the filtration takes place quietly and effectively. If there is already a pronounced allergy to animal hair, it is highly recommended to have a purifier at least in the most frequently visited living areas. These include the bedroom and living room. Place the devices there so that you can feel how your symptoms are reduced and you can achieve more joy in life.