Dust Air Purifier

Air Purifier for dust

Dust is a constant roommate that can’t really be avoided. Ше is created in everyday life and also always comes in through the window. Among other things, it is created whenever we comb our hair, change our clothes, eat, or engage in other ordinary activities. Even when we just sit and do nothing, new dust is created. Nevertheless, there are some devices that can be used to reduce dust.

What is house dust and what exactly does it consist of?

House dust consists of a multitude of small to microscopic organic and inorganic particles. Every day, around six milligrams of dust are produced per square meter in the home. Skin flakes, that have fallen off, mix with the remains of microorganisms. Fibers and fuselage are added, as are bacteria, viruses, mites, and their droppings. Pollen flying in through the windows, fine dust, and industrial secondary particles also participate in the domestic dust mixture. Since dust is a normal component of the air, and you also bring dust into your home from outside on your shoes, it is almost impossible to prevent dust from accumulating in your home. However, with a dust air purifier, it is possible to significantly reduce its amount.

Air purifiers for dust

In the fight against dust, air purifiers can help to achieve significant and lasting improvement. Although their use does not lead to the complete disappearance of dust from the home, they help filter a large part of it, so that it can no longer settle and is no longer inhaled.

Dust air purifiers work similarly to vacuum cleaners. Air is drawn in through a fan and passed through several filters. The dust sucked from the air, as well as other pollutants, mold spores or bacteria remain in the filters and the air is blown out again. Anyone who suffers from a house dust allergy or attaches importance to breathing clean air should opt for an air purifier with HEPA filters. These clean the room air particularly thoroughly and are able to filter even the smallest particles, so that allergy sufferers can breathe without discomfort or worry.

Best air purifiers for dust also come with ionizers. These devices work by creating negatively charged particles that stick to the dust which makes it too heavy to say airborne and it falls to the floor. To ensure that the amount of dust in the home is always kept within limits, you should be sure to remove it regularly. Depending on the surfaces you have in the house, certain tools are also more suitable than others. Air purifiers for dust will not be able to clean carpets, for example. Such surfaces should be thoroughly vacuumed weekly.

Also, for smooth floors, vacuuming or wet mopping is the best choice, because the fact is that a broom will stir up the dust far too much, whereas a vacuum will suck it right in and a mop will “stick” it to the fabric. Furniture surfaces are ideally cleaned of dust with microfiber cloths. A big advantage here is that the dust can be electrostatically attracted to the cloth and then shaken out in the open.

All in all, dust air purifier is a great choice for people who suffer from dust allergy or simply want to make their house a little bit cleaner.