Сommercial OG (Blasters)

All production inevitably involves pollution. Most exhaust fumes, gases, mechanical and aerosol particles have toxic, carcinogenic, mutagenic, teratogenic, explosive, fire hazardous, or other negative properties and are often accompanied by unpleasant odors.

Of course, industrialists try to recycle waste as efficiently as possible, returning it to the production cycle, but still, huge amounts of mechanical particles and gases are not recyclable, and therefore need to be captured or neutralized.

Industrial air purifiers, ionizers, ozonators can be used in public places where it is difficult to air the premises, in manufacturing facilities and large offices, for example. Professional air cleaners are designed to clean the air from various harmful chemicals, disinfect the air, removing odors, smoke, dust, allergens, mold, mildew, fungus, and static electricity.

Industrial air purifiers differ from household air purifiers with greater power, because they are designed for larger areas, and have greater efficiency in eliminating odors and tobacco smoke, as well as a lot of dust. Not all models of industrial air purifiers are universal as they are designed for different tasks: some industrial air purifiers handle dust faster, others deal with odors or smoke, and some are most effective in removing electrostatic charges.

Advantages of commercial air purifiers

All industrial have certain characteristics, which can be considered advantages:

  • Models differ from tens to hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of air cleaned per hour;
  • The purifiers are highly effective in any industry that generates dust or mechanical particles of any nature, gaseous emissions, fumes, aerosols, and mists, as well as complex multi-component pollutants (including the ones that cause odorous, chemically aggressive, and biologically toxic);
  • Air purification from mechanical dust (from 0,5 microns), gases, aerosols, fumes, and odors ≈ 99%;
  • Price and high economic efficiency of implementation of air purifiers even at medium and small industrial sites, low operating costs.

Industrial air cleaners can be used not only in factories but also in offices, fitness clubs, hospitals, hotels, cafes, restaurants, bars, bowling alleys, casinos, schools, server rooms, game rooms, Internet cafes, and other public places.

The air purifier can be built into the ventilation system of the room or placed separately. Its task is to pass the air through special filters that trap dust, smoke, odors, and microorganisms so that the “output” air is fresh and free of impurities. If the air purifier is built into the ventilation, the airflow to the filters is done thanks to the work of the system. If it is a separate device, then it works on the principle of an air conditioner, “running” through itself the air in the room.

Industrial air purifiers from Ecoquest

Ecoquest offers you the highest quality air purification systems on the market, approved by NASA. The purifiers can last a long time thanks to their quality and sturdiness. Questions about warranty details and other information can be directed to your local seller.