Viruses and bacteria can transmit diseases, even through contact with everyday objects. To protect yourself from infectious diseases, general hygiene rules such as regular hand washing, disinfecting hands, and keeping your distance from other people should be observed not only because of COVID. You should also thoroughly clean the objects you come into contact with every day on a regular basis. However, not everything can be washed at high temperatures like a fabric mask or clothing. Alternative and thorough cleaning methods are therefore important. Cleaning with UV-C light is ideal for quickly and efficiently removing germs from smartphones, for example.

With a UV disinfector box, many small personal items, such as smartphones, smartwatches, keys, or jewelry, can be easily and almost completely freed from bacteria and viruses. This technique has been used in laboratories for years, and now it is also available for home use.

Viruses and smartphones

Due to the current situation regarding COVID-19, there is not only uncertainty among the population, but also a willingness to help and an interest in protection possibilities. The idea of disinfecting devices such as smartphones with a UV phone sterilizer is a good one – numerous bacteria potentially survive on smartphones. This includes pathogenic species of the genus Staphylococcus.

Smartphones, as well as watches and smartwatches, and certain jewelry, would also be thought to have significant potential as danger zones. For example, sensitized individuals are very likely to wash their hands when entering their own homes – but may immediately re-contaminate them on their cell phone, which of course was operated without hand disinfection after boarding the commuter train and operating the ticket machine.

While the disinfection of cell phones with an appropriate disinfectant is certainly possible but it is rather cumbersome, due to the consumption of disinfectant liquids. Phone sanitizer offers a quick and easy way to clean your phone of everything that might be dangerous to your health.

UV is more than just a sunburn

Basically, a UV box for smartphone is an effective and proven way of disinfection. It is even used it sterilize workbenches, which are usually irradiated with UV light for a defined time interval after work. The high-energy radiation acts directly on the cells and inactivates them. The pathogen can then no longer reproduce.

The great advantage of the process is that UV disinfection is fast, can be carried out at any time, and is completely natural. Resistance of individual microorganisms, such as can happen with antibiotics, is thus impossible. In contrast to other disinfection methods, the object (in this case your phone) is exposed to mild stresses and can not be damaged. It is hard to say whether the UV lamp losses its strength over time but in the scientific or medical field, systems for UV sanitizers are regularly changed.

Used correctly, UV sterilization boxes do not pose any danger. However, the devices must not be directed at the eyes or skin. Therefore, they should not be accessible to children. Models with a lid are particularly safe.