Smoke Air Purifier

Air Purifiers for smoking

During smoking, a large proportion of toxins get into the air, where they not only disturb residents and guests but also settle on furniture and wallpaper. In addition, passive smoking is an unnecessary problem for both smokers and non-smokers, which further increases the consequential damage to health.

One solution for this problem is air purifiers for smoke, which can help not only to filter out pollutants but also to reduce unpleasant odors. However, not every air purifier helps against smoke.

How harmful is cigarette smoke?

Tobacco is an extremely complex mixture. In modern cigarettes, up to 4,800 different substances are used, which provide the classic smoke taste and smell. Of these, 250 are currently considered toxic and therefore harmful to health. Many public places have specially designated smoking areas, but at home, the situation is different. What many smokers do not know – the harmful substances accumulate in the air and can thus bring negative consequences even for non-smokers and pets long after the actual smoking.

The most common consequences are not only respiratory problems and chronic diseases related to the cardiovascular system but also cancer in the larynx, lungs, and throat. Even short-term passive smoking can narrow the respiratory tract and lead to dysfunctions in the innermost cell layers of our blood vessels.

How do air purifiers help against smoke?

It doesn’t matter whether you are a smoker yourself or just regularly exposed to tobacco smoke at home, the consequences are undeniable. However, there is a remedy, as modern air purifiers for smoke are real miracle workers in such situations. The electrical devices, in conjunction with modern filter systems, can get the toxic substances out of the air and at the same time reduce the unpleasant odors.

What should you look for in such a device? First and foremost, the HEPA filter must be present, because this modern technology allows to filter out even the smallest particles, with a size of up to 0.3 microns, from the air with an efficiency of 99.97%. In addition, many air purifiers for cigarette smoke are also equipped with an activated carbon filter, which helps against the biological and chemical components, including musty, bad odors. Thus, when used regularly, smoke air purifiers increase general well-being in the long term and can even offer initial results within a few minutes, depending on how powerful the device is.

For best results, it is important that the smoke air purifier is placed where the smoke originates. For example, if the tobacco fumes penetrate from the balcony or terrace into the apartment, the device should also be placed in the immediate vicinity. In addition, if smoking is done in different rooms, you should think about portable air purifiers, or getting several devices, one for each room.

Before you decide to buy a particular air purifier, you should find out whether the model really has HEPA and carbon filters. After all, the market is large and confusing, the wrong purchase can be made pretty quickly and can even be expensive.