16 Inches Adjustable Height Fan


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16 Inches Adjustable Height Fan with Quiet Oscillating Stand for Home and Office

● Hi-Tech Involved: Fans are mainly made of motor  and swing equipment, blower fans, network covers, and wall-or  floor-stent components. As hi-tech is involved in this fan, you could  choose to use the remote control or manual one to change the condition  of the stand fan. RC can be valid within 3.3 feet. The digital LCD makes  you could catch it easily about the condition.

Mute Dual Blades:  Dual-Blade-design utilizes large and small fan blades to create a full  and satisfying breeze. The fan has 6 blades in total to powerfully  circulate the cool air. The blades are equipped with an oscillating  head. Also, dual blades keep the gathering wing closer, but providing  diffusive wind in a far place, which is mute and very thoughtful!

Long-Lasting Fan Blade Cover:  Double metal rings on the front fan cover, making the top of the fan  anti-shock, anti-pressure. Considerate design of longitude line  guarantees your safety that well prevents your fingers from getting in  it accidentally. Focus on self-locking buckle now, this is the point to  allow you to assemble and disassemble.

Adjustable Back and Head:  Adjustable tilt-back to adapt to different needs. In height, it can be  adjusted from 44.8 inches to 53 inches. When it swings from up to down,  left to right, it can bring you every spot with a comfortable cool  breeze. Also, it could be careful if there is a baby or senior home.  Also, the timer can be set from 0.5 – 7.5 hours.

Stand Fan with Weighted Base: Security  is always the top priority for the customers. The weighted base gives  the whole stand fan stability, keeping the fan in a standing posture  wherever it is. And there are 3 modes – normal, nature and sleep. At all  this time, the Costway stand fan could be with you!

This pedestal fan can easily bring comfort to you in the hot summer.

Designed with an oscillating and tile adjustable head, this fan  can produce the wind that will cover a wider area in the room,  delivering a cool feeling to everyone. The 3-speed adjustment will meet  your different needs whether you are working, reading, or sleeping. More  importantly, the double-layer structure of the blade will create both  high and low-speed airflow to ensure the natural wind for comfortable  use. In addition, the low operating noise will maintain a peaceful vibe  in your room.

If you are looking for a product like this, do not hesitate to place an order!

  • Double blade more effective to produce a softer and more natural wind
  • 3-speed wind adjustment allows you to choose the suitable speed according to your needs
  • Durable iron and PP material for long-lasting service
  • Wide base to increase the overall stability
  • 7.5-hour time provide a carefree use during the sleep time
  • Flexible control of swinging and tilting head for customized coolness
  • 45″ to 53″ adjustable height to meet different needs
  • The remote control allows you to control the fan without approaching it
  • LED screen makes the operation easier



PP, iron

Product dimensions

18" x 16" x 53" (L x Wx H)

Flabellum size

16"Voltage: 120V, 60HZPower: 60W

Cable length

71"Net weight: 12 lbs

Package includes

1 x Pedestal fan1 x User's guide

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