Adjustable Filter Showerhead Black


Aquacubic Black Shower Head Handheld High Pressure Water Saving 3 Modes Adjustable Filter Showerhead

  • Touch Clean with Ease The water outlet hole of the outer ring of the shower is made of silicone material, you can gently rub it with your hands to achieve the purpose of cleaning.
  • High Pressure Outlet The micro plate with perforated ultrafine discharging holes for discharge, it results in more luxurious, and softer higher pressure water, which don’t sting to the skin and helps to reduce the levels of water consumption thus saving your money.
  • 3 Spray Setting Three functions of the button to switch the water output: 1. Power rain, 2. Pulsating massage, 3. Power massage, which can be selected by the user and is convenient to switch
  • Saving water 30% 200% More Water Pressure,water and Air Mixed to Achieve Using Less Water. It will save more water than common shower heads,which can reduce 30% of Water Cost.
  • Switch botton There are three water outlet methods, you only need to press the button to change to the mode you want and enjoy your comfortable shower.


5.12 in. * 2.45 in. * 1.11 in.


1.35 lbs



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