Air Purifier VACASSO KJ120G-C10

  • Coverage up to 323 ft2 / 30m2
  • Filters entire room air up to 5 times per hour
  • Premium 3-stage filtration system

According to American LungAssociation’s annual air quality report. There are 141.1 million Americans (4 out of every 10 people) living in unhealthy air, which contains particulate or ozone pollution. This is an increase of 7.2 million compared to last year’s report. More and more people breathe air that is contaminated and can cause illness. Deciding what to use to clean your home might not seem like a difficult task on the surface. Nevertheless, it can be challenging to ensure the air purifier you choose is both safe and effective. That’s why VACASSO is your #1 choice of air purifier. It’s safe, quality-assured, filters air effectively, falls within your budget, and doesn’t look like an outdated radiator!


3 Fan Speeds
Manually cycle through low, medium, and high fan speeds.

  • Low fan speed: Press the button once.
  • Medium fan speed: Press the button a second time.
  • High fan speed: Press the button a third time.

Turn on/ off night light: Press and hold the button down for 3 seconds.​

Quiet Operation

Change Filter
It’s recommended to replace the filter every 6 months or sooner(depending on usage). The replacement filter is available to purchase.




376ft2/ 35m2

CARD Rated




Power Supply


Rated Power



8.5*8.5*12.5 inches.

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