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Air Purifiers for Home Bedroom


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KOIOS Air Purifiers for Home Bedroom, H13 HEPA Air Purifier with Auto Speed Control for Pets Hair Dander Smoke (HQKJ-50, white)

Small but powerful: This HQKJ-50 compact air purifier refreshes the air 5x per hour in rooms as large as 215 ft² / 20 m². It’s perfect for small spaces such as dorms, baby rooms, small rooms, offices, and kitchens. Weighing only 2.6 pounds, you can take this air purifier. Perfect for pet owners, allergies, babies, children, the elderly, or anyone wanting to improve the air quality.

Automatic control 3 speeds with pm2.5 display: Unique PM2.5 air quality index changes after auto-monitoring the indoor air quality environment via exclusive smart air sensor technology measurement, then this smart air purifier automatically adjust the fan speed(1/2/3) accordingly and deliver real-time readings for you. It reads the air so it can clean the air! Note: PM2.5 display starts in the 30s after powering on.

Silent & with aromatherapy design: 6 Timers (2/4/6/8/10/12H) satisfy your favorite timer settings. Add 2-3 drops of essential oil (not included) to the aroma pad under the air outlet, the fragrance will flow throughout the room with the air movement. Gentle fragrance and auto display off design helps you relax.

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Roseanna Karpen

I use this air purifier in my bedroom because 3 dogs and 1 cat sleep in the room also.

Works so good that if I lite a candle, spray perfume or deodorant, it kicks into a higher setting until the smell is gone. Love this!

Chris M

Happy with this purchase. Good quality.


This air purifier works great. The air detector function works well when it detects abnormal air quality. The auto and timer functions work well too. When smoke, food odors, and even farts (lol) are detected the fan speed increases to clean the air. I know air must pass through the filter but I do question its quality. The carbon portion looks like a thin porous sheet of black sponge. The air does smell a little different while in use except for smoke odors, which seem to linger for a while. Would still recommend this Air purifier.


I haven’t wash my feet for 3 days after I got this. It purify the smell so good. But my feet still stink


I got this to put in my office at work. I do have some employees that go into my office sometimes and feel safer knowing that the air is being purified. This air purifiers works great and had a timer so I set mine for 8 hours while I work and I also use the auto function which is nice you can hear it kick on higher then it goes on lower on its own. The best part is that it is not even very loud at all.


Put this in the heavy traffic area of dogs and boys. It has cut down on the musky and pet odor greatly. When it is ran at full speed it is rather loud. So IF needed i run it at the highest setting at night.

Keila Quintana

Not nosie at all, very quiet. You feel different the air


Put this air purifier to my baby’s room, so far so good. Works quietly, doesn’t take out much of a space and has a great feature of opportunity to add essential oils, which I adore! The air in the room seemingly cleaner and has a nice aroma, which is very helpful after changing a dirty diaper. Overall, didn’t find any disadvantages.


I love it! It had reduce the cat dander in the room!!!


I have a basement office, and I was nervous about humidity/damp smells. I run this every day and haven’t had a single issue. The best part is I just set it in auto mode, and it’s silent, so it doesn’t bug me. Side note: I use a candle, and every time I blow out the candle I can see the smoke get sucked into it! 😀

Cassie Graham

This product does not take up very much space and is relatively quiet for the air it filters. The filters are easily found and changed. My mother is allergic to almost every dust born organism imaginable and it sufficiently cleans the air in her room to relieve her caughing and sneezing.


Great news, this is a 1:1 drop in replacement for my AMEIFU filter. The filter looks identical. I put it in my purifier and it works exactly the same. The price is right. It’s a great product for keeping your air fresh.


I sleep in a basement that can get humid and it’s air quality is not the best and have had this now for about a month or longer and I have it accompanied by a dehumidifier and I am able to sleep at night!! It amazes me how dirty the air can be. If you listen in the video you can hear how the noise level is nice. Even on #3 and it’s still not loud. At least not loud to disturb me and I am a light sleeper. The top where you can add oils is a great feature and helps too. I appreciate that there are filter replacements which leads me to believe this product will be around for a while.


I bought this because of our litter box problem. I have two cats and two boxes. The room becomes pretty stinky. Plus the dust that flies around when I do the little box gets all over the entertainment center next to it. I put the filter right next to the little box and boy what a difference. I barley smell the cat box, and the dust that collects up is much less after using it for a few days. The filter is really easy to set us and get started. I like the touch screen. So far I have only had to set to max filter, but there is a sleep mode as well. So far I don’t have any cons to the filter. I am sensitive to bad air quality, fires, pollen that usually results in a sinus infection. If this filter can take care of the poopy smell it may help with my frequent sinus issues.

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