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EcoDuct 5000 With Ozone

Warranty: 1 year

Attention: EcoDuct 5000 and ReSPR 2500 are the same units under different brand names manufactured for different companies. RCI cell and PCO cell are also the same things.

The EcoDuct units eliminate odors, visible smoke, and microbial populations in air and on surfaces, utilizing the newest Active-Ox technology.
Perfect for indoor pollution control, odor reduction, contamination prevention, etc…
Active-Ox technology consists of specially selected length of UV light and photocatalytic target, creating an Advanced Oxidation Process.Standard ECODUCT Installation:

  • We recommend hiring a qualified HVAC professional to install this unit.
  • Allows wiring into a 100 – 277 volt connection.
  • Quick installation with the help of 4 mounting holes in chassis. Having several units in one plenum area won’t be a problem as the installation can be easily shifted so all units incur direct air flow.
  • Be sure to install the unit right after the main air handler in the HVAC system.
Weight17 lbs





100-277 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 20 watts


UV bulb monitoring system installed, safety interlock switch installed


9"H x 9"W x 17"L, 23cm H x 23cm W x 43cm L


4 pounds, 1.8 kilograms


up to 5000 square feet

Max temp


Air volume per unit

5950 m3/h


3 years

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