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EcoQuest Focus

Warranty: 1 year

Plug-In Model •Up to 200 ft² •Ions •Ozone

  • Bathrooms.
  • Garbage cans.
  • Diaper pails.
  • Litter boxes.

Manual: Fresh Air Focus

The EcoQuest Focus – small, sleek, reliable, charged up with the latest hi-tech innovations. Create your personal fresh zone wherever you like. The concept of this unit is based on natural air filtering processes, focusing on what keeps air fresh to bring it indoors. In two words – with EcoQuest Focus you will be breathing cleaner and fresher air.

Literally tons of different smell sources can be found in any house or apartment. While some of them are nice, others are utterly unpleasant. And you can’t fight really smelly stuff with simple sprays, because it’s just a temporary solution of the problem. But you can always rely on one of the best nature’s deodorizers out there – Focus by EcoQuest. It is literally focusing on nature’s processes that keep air fresh to bring it indoors. Forget about annoying consumable sprays, aerosols, or perfumes – that is totally unnatural way, it was yesterday.

Advantages of using EcoQuest Focus:

  • Negatively charged ions remove irritants and allergens.
  • Ozone generator keeps environment refreshed, while also eliminating fetid odors.
  • Due to its compact form can be placed almost.

Recommended to use EcoQuest Focus for:

  • Small and limited spaces like bathrooms, laundry, storage rooms with higher chances of stale air accumulating.
  • Pet clinics or pet stores where pets congregate.
  • Bathrooms or laundry rooms with humid conditions or drainage malfunctions.

Focus by EcoQuest brings you the innovative technology of air cleaning, making your life better, easier and healthier. This unit has elegant design and incredibly small dimensions, allowing it to be placed in any areas with low ventilation.

The EcoQuest Focus also takes care of different airborne pollutants and reduces allergens density in air. Negatively charged ions, dispensed by the built-in ionizer, catch all microscopic particles around.

The EcoQuest Focus also features an ozone generator, so you will be always breathing the cleanest and freshest air possible.

Weight4 lbs

For home (office) use

Control type







150 sq. ft.

Performance rate

<0.01 ppm


110VAC to 240 VAC, 50/60hz

Power consuming

<7 watts


H105mm, W95mm, D50mm


180 g.

6 reviews

5.00 overall rating

6 out of 6 (100%)
customers recommended this product



I’ve had it for a week and so far works great. But I wish I had been aware that you can’t turn it on and it run continuously. You can push the big round button on the front once to run for 30 minutes or twice for 4 hours, then it shuts off till you do it again. When you push it once there is a blue light that comes on and stays on for the 30 minutes. When you push it twice the blue light flashes off & on for the whole 4 hours. I put it in the bedroom but the flashing light kept me awake. So I set it for 4 hours when I get up and again until I get ready for bed. That is kind of a nuisance. The small one I have had for years runs all the time but they don’t make it anymore.

Pat M

Had one of these for years and it finally bit the dust. Couldn’t find one on-line so bought another that looked very similar through a local company who shipped it to me. I opened the box and saw one critical feature was missing–automatic shutoff. I use this in a hall bathroom. That was enough for me to return it to the vendor. Then, I decided to keep digging, and I finally found it! The previous models were sold under the name Vollara while this one is Ecoquest–who I think was the original owner of the product. This one is the best for small spaces (the bathroom) and it is quiet and automatically shuts off. The only one for me!!

Debra J. Hernandez

This runs very quietly all the time while it is turned on. You can push the big button for a concentrated clean air. Works nicely.

Lynns Travels

I have had my room Fresh Air Focus ionizers for almost 20 years. Two of three are still working. I loaned one to a friend who bought a new house whose floors and walls smelled like cat urine. He left it on overnight and it totally left dissipated and the smell never returned. That’s really something. I believe in this item to kill all types of germs and viruses. I highly recommend these products by Ecoquest.


I purchased this about 2 years ago and never had any problems. I use this daily for odor reduction in my home. I move it from room to room but most of the time it is plugged into the outlet by the kitty litter box. It is very affective in illuminating any odor you may come across. It stays on for 30 min at a time and literally smells like fresh air. Very little maintenance is required. All I do is take a cloth and wipe the opening where air comes out of the unit. This little thing is amazing and it’s worth the money.

Prof. L.

I agree. Very nice product. Simple to use. Just plug it in and it works great!

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