Electric Mosquito Killer


When pesky, flying pests infiltrate your space, there are plenty of options to eliminate them. However, it is the best! It catches and kills insects indoors without the use of a bug zapper and is most effective when used for three consecutive days. Using ultraviolet light, ures bugs in and traps them, there is no way for them to escape.

Easy to Operate:
 Plug and Play. Press catching button, and the mosquito trap will start working.
Energy Saving: 5W low power trap is for saving energy, 30 square working effective area.
Powerful UV Light: Unique trapping solution sends out a strong ultraviolet light to lure in irritating insects such as gnats, fruit flies, moths, and mosquitos. It works its magic best at night when bugs are drawn to its brightness.
Widely Application Pest Control Trap: Perfect for indoor or outdoor use. The UV light mosquito killer emits 368nm mosquito-loving wavelength, reacts with the photo catalyst to release carbon dioxide and produce airflow. Flies and insects are attracted to the light source, and then powerful cyclone will make the mosquito dehydrated and die. Effectively kill bug, mosquito, fly, moth and other flying insects within 30 square meters, that can use in home, patio, garden, & backyards.

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1. Q: Does it only kill mosquitos?
A: It can be used for Killing fly, gnat, moth trap it did great.
2. Q: Does this work in daylight?
A: It is best to use in a dark environment because the light during the day is too strong.
3. Q: Can this help eradicate a gnat infestation? we have an insane amount of these things in our house and we need help asap
A: This specifically for gnats and it has helped tremendously.

  • Powerful to kill bugs: The mosquito killer can Imitation of carbon dioxide environment to attract mosquitoes in and kill them by the built-in big fan.
  • Intelligent Mosquito Trap: The Pests are attracted to LED lights of the bug zapper, and inhaled quickly into the storage tray by the airflow, then ferocious mosquitoes will be dried and dehydrated to death.
  • Catches Effectively: Mosquitos can be found around moist areas. Most mosquitos come from your backyard but they do end up in your home. Mosquitos are attracted to heat but when there are climate changes they do hibernate.
  • Enjoy a Buzz-Free Home: Place close to the trash can, pantry, fruit bowl or anywhere you see the most insects. You can find fruit flies flying around fruits and vegetables. They can also be found around any moist organic matter and garbage. In most cases, they can also be found around drains. The traps annoying insects and makes your home a peaceful, pest-free environment. Use it indoors, not in the yard or outside areas.
Working effective area

30 square


PC / ABS / Metal

Power supply mode

USB power supply

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