Filter Shower Head

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LED automatic color-changing filter shower head

1. Double-filtered water: This LED shower head contains high-quality filter stones. It can effectively reduce residual impurities, heavy metals, and chlorine in the water, making your skin smoother and healthier.

2. LED light change based on temperature: It is emitted by water and electricity, no battery is needed, and the light color changes according to the water temperature (green 80-100°F, blue 100-120°F, red 44-50°C). Enjoy the wonderful shower time.

3. [High water pressure] Adopting nozzle design technology, the water outlet is denser, the water outlet is accelerated, the water pressure is increased, and at the same time, up to 35% of water is saved. ABS environmental protection material: The hand-held shower head made of ABS environmental protection material can effectively heat insulation and high transparency.

4. No need to call a plumber: easy to install by yourself.

5. Very convenient for daily use and regular cleaning, suitable for any standard hose.

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