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Fresh Air Purifier Black (EcoQuest)

Out of stock
Warranty: 3 years
  • Covers up to 3000 sq. ft.
  • Technology: Ionization, Active Oxygen, Photocatalysis.
  • Eliminates dust, tobacco smoke, odors.
  • Kills bacteria, viruses, dust mites.
  • Quiet in operation, easy to use.
  • Intelligent Self Diagnostics.

Fresh Air by EcoQuest

Filterless air purifiers – a new generation of air purifiers that clean the entire volume of the room at once rather than filtering the air inside the device. It uses natural active air purification technology.

Fresh Air – air purifier, which uses simultaneously about 10 different technologies to clean the air, each of which is independently capable of cleaning the air, and combined together they give unattainable for other devices result.

How Fresh Air technology works:

The air passing through the special screen, which protects the purifier from large impurities and removes static, enters the RCI unit, where biological impurities (bacteria, viruses, mold) are destroyed and chemical compounds react to neutral substances (oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water). Then the air is saturated with light aeroions, hydroperoxide, and other safe oxidants and cleans the air in the room where the purifier is located. Unpleasant odors are eliminated in intensive cleaning and/or disinfection modes.

Fresh Air Technologies

1) RCI technology (ActivePure), certified by NASA, generates hydroperoxides, and super-oxide ions, absolutely safe for humans but destroy odors, pollutants, and bacteria;

2) Radial-catalytic ionization – saturation of the air with aeroions;

3) Hydroionization – saturation of the air with aeroions;

4) Generation of hydroperoxide molecules – air disinfection both inside the unit and in the whole volume of the room;

5) Photocatalysis – the most complicated process of incineration of chemical compounds to safe components, for example, formaldehyde is converted into carbon dioxide, water, and oxygen;

6) UV lamp (wavelength 254 nm) – the destruction of viruses, and bacteria inside the unit, also serves as an initiator of photocatalysis;

7) EcoTeh – generation of active oxygen (ozone), allows you to speed up the process of air purification, for example, to quickly remove bad smells (High mode), or disinfect the room within 2-8 hours (mode Away);

8) Volumetric-distance ionization – saturation of the air with aeroions at a distance of up to 10 meters from the device;

9) Needle ionization – saturation of the air with aeroions;

10) SynAirG – amplification and supplementation of some processes with others;

11) IntelliAir – control system of technologies, as well as self-testing;

12) Special electrostatic protective screen – protects electronics and internal components of the device from dirt and dust, as well as removes static.

In a typical city apartment, people breathe:

  • Dust, allergens;
  • Exhaust fumes, emissions from factories;
  • Chemical fumes from furniture, building materials, detergents, and cleaning agents;
  • Viruses, bacteria, mold spores;
  • Unpleasant odors, etc.

Thanks to Fresh Air – you can breathe clean air in your home, removing the burden, to neutralize toxins, from the body. As well as, optionally, disinfect your home/office/car, using this air purifier 1-2 times a month and forget about the problems with mold, absorbed unpleasant odors, etc.

Why Fresh Air and not a filter?

FilterFresh Air
Activated carbon, at the price of precious metalsState-of-the-art technology for the price of a cell phone
Passive air purification. The air is purified only inside the unitActive air purification. Viruses, bacteria are destroye in the air of the room
Do not disinfect surfaces (Viruses, bacteria stay on furniture, doorknobs, etc.)Disinfects surfaces
Small area of coverage coverage (200-300 square ft)Purification is limited to only by walls and doors
Large sizesCompact
You put it on the floor and have to go aroundIt is placed on the furniture, it does not interfere
Not universal. The same filter will not be able to remove dust and chemicals (phenol)Thourou cleaning. The principle of action is clear, explainable, in terms of chemistry/physics
No disinfection modeThere is a disinfection mode. Accelerated cleaning is possible, treatment of rooms without people
High cost and short lifespanLong service life


The filters are twice the size of Fresh Air. Cleaning the surfaces of objects, furniture, and furnishings (curtains, furniture, and bedding, including cushions) with filters is not done. Can the filter destroy the dust mite in pillows? No, because only the air inside the machine is cleaned. Remove the smell of tobacco out of curtains? No. Clean door handles of germs, and remove mold in the bathroom? No. Sanitation (disinfection) mode is another feature of Fresh Air. In 2 hours Fresh Air can disinfect the room, remove lingering odors, and treat the basement, closet, bathroom, car, etc. A filter can not offer any of this… So why do you need filters?!

Fresh Air features

Fresh Air cleans the air WITHOUT filters, only with natural active substances (hydroperoxides, oxides, aeroions, etc.) that:

  • Precipitate dust, smoke, and allergens (flower pollen, hair, etc.) from the air. Aeroions (negatively charged oxygen ions) are attracted to dust, which makes them heavier, and thus they are more quickly removed from the air. No dust in the air means no allergies, no asthma, and other problems. Visualization of the process is reflected in the video, an example of smoke deposition.
  • Eliminate chemical compounds by oxidizing them to safe elements (carbon dioxide, water, oxygen), for example. The reaction formula is:
  • HCHO + 2O3 = CO2 + H2O + 2O2 (elimination of formaldehyde), CO + O3 = CO2+ O2 (elimination of carbon monoxide)

The same principle works with other chemical (organic) elements: phenol, ammonia,      acetone, solvents, etc. Examples of eliminated chemicals are reflected on the site.

  • Destroy viruses, bacteria, and mold, with hydroperoxide. The principle is similar to hydrogen peroxide – safe for humans, destructive to microorganisms, as it “draws” water and “dries” them. There is a lot of water in the human body, so the technology is safe for humans and destructive to microorganisms.
  • Eliminates unpleasant odors: tobacco, burning, etc. Odor emits a certain chemical compound. By eliminating this chemical compound, the odor is also eliminated.
  • Make air “alive” – saturated with negatively charged oxygen (ions). Sea resorts, mountains, and coniferous forests are saturated with ions. In urban apartments the amount of negative ions trends to zero and is replenished only artificially, using ionization technology. Fresh Air’s state-of-the-art ionization technology maintains an ionic balance: a healthy ratio of negative and positive ions relieves static stress.

 The main advantages of Fresh Air devices over filter systems:

  • A set of ACTIVE (which look for pollutants themselves) natural technologies (WITHOUT FILTERS) air purification, when the air is cleaned in the whole room (room, kitchen, hallway, etc.) and not inside the device, as it happens with filter devices;
  • It can eliminate air pollutants: dust, allergens, unpleasant odors, viruses (including flu), bacteria, polluted air, chemical compounds, and so on;
  • Saturates the air with elements beneficial to humans: ions, hydroperoxides (liquid oxygen), active oxygen, etc;
  • Data on the quality of cleaning the air and surfaces confirmed by the conclusions of international laboratories, and hundreds of reviews of individuals;
  • In disinfection mode the device is able to clean the room for 2 hours from contaminants up to 100%;
  • Maintenance of Fresh Air is several times cheaper than the filter. Over a 5-10 year cycle of use, the difference can reach several thousand dollars.

More about FRESH AIR

The Fresh Air system is a multifunctional protection and restoration of air space in small rooms, based exclusively on natural mechanisms (active technology – without filters).

Up to 99% of viruses and bacteria are neutralized within 24 hours after switching on the device in the room. At the same time, it works in the presence of people around the clock.

RCI technology is based on the principle of photocatalysis and works by converting water molecules (H2O) and oxygen (O2) from untreated air into hydroperoxides (H2O2), oxides, and other active substances which eliminate microbes (odors, mold, bacteria, viruses, volatile organic compounds, etc.) from the air and on the surface.

H2O2 is liquid oxygen, an antiseptic, and a way to keep the right amount of oxygen in the body, to maintain or restore health. Equipment with RCI technology reliably protects the body from harmful substances.

Fresh Air uses a synergistic effect: a symbiosis of several technologies (each one replacing and enhancing the other) to guarantee the elimination of impurities.

The air purifier technology has been certified as “Space Technology”:

 Fresh Air air purifier applications:

  • Purifying the air in domestic and residential spaces: in the apartment, in the house, in the office;
  • Air purification in medical institutions: rooms, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies;
  • Cleaning the air in gymnasiums, fitness clubs, and changing rooms;
  • Air treatment in public places: offices, hotels, airports, banks, etc.;
  • Cleaning the air in educational establishments: schools, kindergartens, and universities;
  • Cleaning the air in stores, and shopping centers;
  • Cleaning of air in cafes, bars, and restaurants;
  • Industrial premises: printing houses, laboratories, etc.;

The air of any enclosed space when using Fresh Air becomes safe for human health and well-being.

Weight17 lbs

For home (office) use

Control type











250 – 3000 square feet

Remote control




Electrostatic lint screen


Installation way

Desktop, countertop

Performance rate

0-360 mg of ozone per hour


100-240 Volts, 50-60HZ, 2.5A

Power consuming

50 Watts


9" wide x 12" high x 12" deep


16 lbs


No required

Needle ion generator

Fixed 6 KV DC

Programmable sanitation mode

2,4,6,8 hours

Speed fan

5 speed: max 11,55 m3/min


3 years

26 reviews

4.96 overall rating

26 out of 26 (100%)
customers recommended this product


amie downing

Works awesome if you have allergies this unit helps clear out dust, pollen, and animal dander,and mold.


Best air purifier on the market

I believe this is the best air purifier on the market. This machine removes dust particles from the air and gives the entire house a clean, sanitized smell. I’ve had one of these machines in my home for over ten years and everyone who enters my home is amazed at how fresh the air quality is in my home. Very easy to clean and maintain. Couldn’t be happier with this product.


We love it!
We have used a fresh air purifier since 2006 and never want to be without one. We have 6 cats which require several litter boxes in our home, but you can never spell any cat odor at all! People are always amazed at how great our house smells. We just bought this one so that if we have any problems with our current one we will have a replacement. It removes all cooking odors, even if you burn something on the stove and the best part is it kills all the germs and allergens in the air.


The best on the market
I purchased this model for my fiance. I have owned one for 11 years. It is very quiet. The multiple speed adjustments make it ideal for any situation. IT KILLS ANY ODORS!! It doesn’t mask, it eliminates. She was using Glade air fresheners. This eliminated that odor. I bred dogs and my house was clean smelling. I know Vets that have these in the office and there is no kennel smell. Just wash the filters when they get dirty, no buying expensive filters. When the light and the ozone generator need to be replaced, buy them on E-bay. Very inexpensive compared to the manufacture. 5 Stars.


Ecoquest Purifier 2.1
My girlfriend and I both smoke and have pets. A good friend who owns a bar let me try one he had after a state-wide smoking ban went into effect and he didn’t feel he needed it anymore. I was impressed since I have tried air purifiers and cleaners before. I wound up buying three of them…. 2 for my house and 1 for my parents (neither one of them smoke). The ion smell from them takes a week or so to get used to, but the performance of these things is great. I can not smell any smoke in the house at all and neither my girlfriend or I have even had the sniffles this year. Cleaning them is a little bit of work, but it’s easier than some of the other similar products I’ve tried thru the years that had electric plates. On a medium setting it draws about 1/2 amp or around the same energy as a 30 watt light bulb. Pretty miserly. The unit also looks nice. Other than the noticable blue light from the ultraviolet light it actually blends in well with about any background you chose to put it in. They recommend placing them higher to be more effective. If you buy a used one you may have some cleaning to do (I cleaned the one from the bar, holy cow!!!). Replacement parts seem pretty easy to obtain on ebay. Overall, I’m glad I bought them.


Love the product
This is our second unit (the first one is 3 years old and runs great). Though the unit will clean 3000sq ft we prefer to use a lower setting and have one upstairs and one down stairs. We have two hairy, shed all the time dogs and the Fresh Air helps with the pet dander allergens. Though we clean two or three times a week the dander still is an issue. The dogs sleep in our bedroom and my wife (has allergies but loves dogs) was having issues breathing at night. I moved the first Fresh Air to our bedroom and she had improved nighttime breathing within a day. We purchased the second for the downstairs to keep the house smelling clean. Any pet owner will tell you no matter how much you clean and bathe your pets, the house still has the pet’s odor and non-pet owners can tell when they come over. With the Fresh Air there is no pet odor. We have many family and friends that always say how clean the air is in the house and can’t believe that the Fresh Air really works as it says. I recommend this to any person who has allergies or who just wants better air quality.

An additional benefit is the ‘purifier’ setting (only to be used when the house is empty!). I place it on our bed then cover it with the sheets and run it on the ‘purifier’ setting to help with the allergens and bed bugs there as well. Wife also noticed a difference in how well she sleeps. Very happy with the product.


I use to have a classic. This Fresh Air is awesome, I love the remote feature and it works perfect.


Ecoquest Fresh Air Living Air Purifier
I had purchased a new Ecoqiest Purifier 3 years ago from a retailer. I spent $750.00 for the product but it was the best that I had found in the 40 years of using top brands. It fell and broke so I was begining my hunt for a new one. Through e-bay I was able to buy 3 brand new ECOQUEST PURIFIERS for the price of that first one. These units are very effective and the air is fresh as a tropical breeze. I have a doctors office where a rodent died in the wall and this machine enabled us to continue to stay open the week of recovery. It took care of about 85% of the stench!!! I love my units. I now have one for the office one for the home and the get-away that also gets “borrowed ” often by friends. The best feature on this unit is the “away” mode which pumps out a massave dose of ions after the clientel go home. I have “prescribed” the unit to allergy patients whom are well satisfied. Now, I will suggest they shop on e-bay for them and many more can afford this great unit. When shopping be sure it has the “AWAY MODE” becasue the e-bay listing title of the unit -ECOQUEST FRESH AIR- without this powerful mode is the same name. I purchsed a unit that was slightly used from an auchtioneer house on e-bay and it ran for only 1 hour and stopped. The company stood behind their product and I was well cared for, but I ate the return postage. I will only go for new products of this catagory in the future.
I enjoyed gining this review Thank you.


Decided to buy this unit after experiencing it at a friend’s house. It clears the air well but is small and light enough to fit on a book shelf. It does make noise but along the line of white noise. It also adds a night light in the room where it is used. The air quality change I noticed first was that the house began to smell like a chlorinated swimming pool but the unit comes with a remote to adjust the power up or down to preference. My father noticed it when he was visiting so I ended up buying one for him. I will probably buy one more to use exclusively in a basement.

The best part was buying this product on Ebay where the prices are half what I have found elsewhere and I have had positive experiences with both purchases I have made.


This purifier is the best on the market. It has a technology that is used by NASA in purifying the space shuttle. It is used to get odors and bacteria out of your home, car, office. I have 2 of them and have sold over 25 to various people over the years. The best testimony I have is that I never have a sick child come home and take out the whole family with the sickness they have. I sanitize the bedrooms and operate the machine in the room where the sick child sleeps and no one in my house gets sick. No more running to the doctor 3 to 6 times during the year.


We were well pleased with our purchase. What a difference it made in our house! It was such a comfort to know that all Germs and Viruses are destroyed. Thank you!


Wonderful air purifier
We have used Ecoquest air purifiers for 15 years, we would not be without!! We own dogs and love the smell of after a rain storm, fresh, fresh air!! Works great no doggie odor.


I bought this because I needed something for the “man cave” smoke issue. The rest of the house is non-smoking and I wanted to keep it that way. Well, this thing works! The room is 900 sf, and while I can’t say it is smoke-free, it is very much controlled for such a big room. The purifier is steady, quiet, and a workhorse. I am going to buy another shortly. In all honesty, I have not used the liquid fresheners yet, but the filter is easy to clean, and it came with alot of extras. I am very happy with this purchase.


Wonderful product for living with animals and allergies
2 of our dogs and myself have allergies. And since there are only… 6 dogs and 5 cats in the house you can see how we suffer mightily from the seasons and each other too. This little helper really cleans up the air and keeps us all healthy. Well worth the savings when it comes to vet and doctor bills.


My son used to have asthma so bad he had to have a breathing treatment at least once everyday.That was 15 years ago. I also had asthma my whole life (allergic to everything). I used to go to the emergency room about once a year, in 15 years I have gone Zero times. That is when we were selling the units for Ecoquest, before it was Ecoquest . I quit selling them, but never stopped using them, that was before ebay. They cost upwards of $500, even if people needed them alot of people could not afford them. So now I bought a new one from ebay , alot cheaper. Love it :).


Fresh Air
I like this much better than the focus. You can control the setting on the unit. I think it’s overpriced and it does make a little noise but not like the focus. Very happy with it.


Easily modified.
This filter was not specific for my living air but was easily adapted to fit. The filter is built with quality in mind.


Fresh Air by Eco Quest
Excellent product, work great. No noise to speak of as it sets beside my desk in the same room as the (Kitty) litter box.


Fresh Air by Ecoquest
I had one for about 7 years and it quit on me. I had to buy another one because it keeps the house the freshest of any product I have used and they are many.


Excellent Choice for Me.
Quiet and it deals with tobacco smoke & odor which was my prime reason for buying this air cleaner (an in-house smoker). Cleaning is straightforward. Manual is well put together.

Ozone levels can be a problem if the unit is not managed properly. The unit offers an “away-from-home” option that will increase the ozone output on a 2 to 8 hour timer. Neither humans nor pets should be in the house when this option is used. This is similar to the fire remediation cleaning using ozone generators, albeit on a much smaller scale.


Could not of bought a better product.
I purched my Freach Air purifier on 4-1-2008.Have replaced bulbs,filters,fuses and starter,twice in the time spand that I`ve had it .It is going to be 5th year owned and I could not of bought a better product.As long as you CLEAN the purifier PROPERLY and when it tells you to do so, it will last a long time. Yes, you will replace parts on it as needed.Just think, we run it 24/7 which puts it to the test.I let mine rest a day,about evry other month.I also turn down the fan and purifier settings as need.Remember that the OZone on high is not healthly to breath, so keep it on the low side.I will buy a new one IF mine dies 🙂


EcoQuest Air Purification
EcoQuest air purifiers plain and simple work. They eliminate dust and other particulate from the air in our home. The unit just does its job while it sits on a shelf in our bookcase. I’ve even moved it around the house to eliminate bad odors like kids tennis shoes, dirty clothes, or the mustiness in the basement. If you want an air purifier where the technology is used by NASA then you really should try an EcoQuest air purifier.


Best purifier I have used. What a great value – it does so much so quickly. Thank you EcoQuest for making this Fresh Air purifier and I hope your company does very well.


Great air purifier
It is quite and does a good job taking bad smells out of your house.


Air quality
Machine works great. Very satisfied.


Great Purifier, Great Seller!
I got this purifier because my mom had one just like it, and I missed it dearly when I moved to Japan and live with 2 dogs in my house. This takes care of the smell, my allergies are better, and even my skeptical husband loves having it. Its easy to clean (with a little patience), and will last a month (or longer) in between cleanings. I would buy another one, if this one wasn’t so durable! 🙂

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