Humidifier for Home Office


360° Rotating Double Nozzles
With 360 degree rotating double nozzles, this cool mist humidifier creates a wider humidifying area up to 377sq. ft which ensures an even level of humidity distributed and lets you breathe the forest fresh air in your home.

5L Capacity and 10-50 Working Hours
The air humidifier holds an impressive 5L of water that allows for 10-50 hours of continuous use in minimum and maximum mist mode, which reduces the trouble of adding water when the water runs out.

1. It’s recommended to clean the humidifier once a week, otherwise, scale and dust can build up.
2. Please do not add water directly to the base of the humidifier, otherwise no mist will come out, and the humidifier will leak onto the surface it is standing on.
3. To prevent unpleasant odors and promote the efficiency of the humidifier, please regularly clean the humidifier with citric acid or vinegar.
4. Please do not add essential oils to the water tank. Essential oils may cause damage and leakage.


5L(1.32 Gallon)

Working Hours



11.8 x 9.8 x 7.8 inches



Mist Level


Ideal for

Bedroom, Office, Babies, Nursery

Mist Output


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