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KOIOS Air Purifier for Home

  • Air Purifiers for Home
  • HEPA Air Purifier for Bedroom
  • Small Room Office Desk
  • Air Filter for Pets Hair Dander Smoke Pollen
  • Night Light
  • 100% Ozone Free

Nightlight Function
The night light can be turned ON/OFF via click the button. Cleans your air and lights up your path. Great for a nightstand in bedroom or on a side table.

Easy to Operate
One button, two fan speed, easy to operate. It takes one single press of the same button to turn it on/off and control the fan speed.

Quiet Operatio

Safe for Your Respiratory System

KOIOS Air Purifier – Just plug in and enjoy the clean air!

  • Equipped with 3-Stage Filtration system including Pre-filter, TRUE HEPA Filter, Activated Carbon Filter can effectively remove odor and smoke, such as pet odor, cigarette smoke and cooking odor around your living space
  • Nightlight Function: Cleans your air and lights up your path. Great for a nightstand in your children’s bedroom or on a side table.
  • Easy Operation: Different cleaning modes are available just by touching the sensitive buttons.
  • Indoor use only, the product should not be used outdoors.
  • Please don’t shake the product violently or drop it from a high place, so as not to damage the product or shorten its lifespan.
  • Use KOIOS designed replacement filter to maintain product performance,official certified replacement filter (It may affect the well-performance of KOIOS air purifiers if you do not use official certified replacement filters.), replaced every 6 months depending on the use of the product.





<2W, Input: 110V / 50Hz

Power Source

Corded Electric

Dimensions LxWxH

7.5 x 6.9 x 6.9 inches

Control Method


5 reviews

4.60 overall rating

5 out of 5 (100%)
customers recommended this product



Loveee the lower setting noise it’s like white noise to sleep with. After leaving it on for a few hours for the first time i feel like i could already tell the difference in it feeling easier to breathe and the air just felt overall cleaner. When i turn on the flash with my phone at night you can barely see any particals! Totally recommend


Not really sure if it is doing anything. I check the filter and it is never dirty. But I do love the night light and the sound is very soothing. Would but again.


The unit is quite and easy to operate. From the short time we have used the filter it appears to be doing the job it is intended for.


I was actually surprised with how well this did in my bedroom as I noticed a difference after 30 minutes! There’s a lot of pet dander in my room since it’s where my dog sleeps the most and I often see other dust in the air constantly. With this turned on even on low I saw a change in the dust particles being less for sure. Even the odor in the room lessened quickly which I was surprised about as I didn’t have it on very long.

I will say the high setting is a bit too loud for my liking, but I do turn it on for more efficiency when I’m out the house or room. The low setting is whisper quiet in my opinion which is great and I like the functionality of having the light turned off as well when needed. I’ll probably need a different model for a more spacious area like my living room, but so far this works like a charm!


I’d been having trouble sleeping, waking up and not being able to fall asleep due to the humidity and God knows what else . i had a dehumidifier which helped a little but felt i needed something more. the moment i turned this baby on i felt my nose clear up immediately. i don’t even remember life without this and i’ve only had it for one day. the night light is a nice added feature and it’s not too bright it affects your sleep. it’s small enough to tuck away without messing with your decor but big enough to work in the entire space (even on lower setting).

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