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Living Air Classic HEPA (EcoQuest)

Warranty: 1 year
  • Covers up to 3200 sq. ft.
  • Quickly removes tobacco smoke.
  • Eliminates all kinds of odors.
  • Kills bacteria.
  • Adjustable fan speed.
  • Scalable activated oxygen generation.
  • Quiet in operation.

Manual: Living Air Classic HEPA

Living Air Classic HEPA by EcoQuest synergizes original ionization technology and revolutionary low-level ozone generation for best results in smoke and odor removal in various spaces. Its effectiveness and reliability is combined with stylish retro design. Living Air Classic HEPA is almost silent, nevertheless immensely powerful and it does easily eliminate unwanted smoke and odors.

  • Negative Ion Generation Technology
  • Adjustable Ozone Generation up to 500 mg/hr.
  • Activated Carbon Deodorization
  • UVC bulb to kill virus & bacteria in air that passes through the machine
  • Photo-catalytic filter to kill virus & bacteria on all surfaces outside the machine
  • Washable HEPA filter to eliminate small particles and dust


  • Adjustable Fan Speed Control 1500-3000R/M
  • Compact
  • Portable
  • No Duct work Required
  • No Chemicals
  • Low Maintenance
  • Low Electrical Usage
  • Complete User Control
  • No Residual Contamination


  • Home, Office, Restaurant, Hotel
  • Smoking Areas
  • Production Areas
  • Basements
  • Casinos & Large Meeting Halls
  • Veterinary Hospitals
  • Barns, Kennels & Stables
  • Photo Labs & Salons
  • Day Care Centers
  • Chemical Storages
  • Bowling Alleys & Parlors
  • Public Restrooms

The concept of Living Air Classic HEPA was developed with three main ideas in mind that can be summed up as innovative, easily adjustable and reliable. Tired of odors after cooking? Place it in your kitchen – and you won’t have to worry about cooking smoke anymore. Smoking? No problem either! Just turn Living Air Classic HEPA on and even the smallest traces of tobacco smoke will vanish. The unit delivers fresh air on your whim where it’s needed.But the most amazing thing about this device that it works without frequently scheduled maintenances. Get it, install it, set preferred options, and enjoy fresh and clean air every day! As easy as it sounds!

Advantages of Living Air Classic HEPA:

  • Not only effectively, but also quickly cleans air from smoke, including cooking and cigarette smoke
  • Purifies air and removes even heavy odors and stench
  • Works practically silent and creates no distraction for users
  • Easy maintenance
  • Recreates a unique sensation of a thunderstorm in your home or office
Weight17 lbs

For home (office) use







Charcoal filter


HEPA filter



3200 ft2 (300m2)

Performance rate

(Off/On) ≤0.05ppm / Max=500mg/h



Power consuming



W8.27" x D10.36" x H11.42" (W210mm x D263mm x H290mm)

Gross weight

12.6 Pounds (5.7 kg)


10.2 Pounds (4.6 kg)

Air Volume

Max 300 CFM (3 m3/min)

Ion Output

20KV and 5 million/cm3

Particulate Purifying Rate

0.3 micron up to 80%; 1 micron up to 99.97%

Sound Level

Low35 Med45 High50

Speed fan

1500-3000 R/M

UV Spectrum

≥20ìw/cm2 (at 10 cm-distance)


3 years

8 reviews

4.88 overall rating

8 out of 8 (100%)
customers recommended this product



The Ecoquest line of products are made extremely well…They are tough and durable, and will last a very very long time as long as you maintain the unit properly. You must make sure that you clean the ceramic plates, and clean the pre filter on the back every 30-60 days for maximum efficiency. I have owned multiple units, and have never been disappointed. These work extremely well, especially in homes with multiple pets or odor problems from musty bathrooms or mold. I have had people comment to me on the fresh smell of the aire in my home, and I have 2 cats and 2 dogs. You literally can not tell I own pets when you are in my house. I recommend this product to anyone who simply wants to breath in fresher cleaner air in their homes or workspaces. The unit is quiet, and does not take up alot of space , nor does it eat up a ton of energy


It was a gift for a son and girlfriend in need.
(Allergies). It’s doing everything it’s supposed to do and doing it in a capitol fashion.


Came and works as promised – Does not kick out as much ozone as previous unit, however

Salem VA

I highly recommend this product to anyone who has breathing problems – asthma, bronchitis, etc. It can’t cure but it does purify the air so the lungs don’t have to do so much work. This purification system doesn’t work overnight; I usually keep this low-electricity usage machine on. It’s fairly quiet and actually removes odors from my medium-size home for about 3 cents per day. What a deal!


Absolutely the best air purifier we ever owned. Our first one lasted 14 years and it worked great. I’m looking to buy a new one as soon as they are in stock again. We’ve tried cheaper ones but they don’t compare. I dont believe all the negativity about them, and I’ve never seen anyone die from having one. Makes your house smell wonderful.


This is the best Air Purifier I have ever used. I’ve had this thing for ten or fifteen years This little box will take any oders our of the air. I have a litter of puppies and all you smell is pine cleaner and puppy poop! I can turn on my Living Air Classic HEPA and in 15 mins you can’t smell either it takes everything out of the air and leaves a clean smell. Don’t know what I’d do without it. This house is about 2000 sq. ft. and I only run with one ozone plate instead of two and it still works perfectly.

Michael W

I’ve had a Living Air Classic now since the mid 90’s. Amazing product. Here visiting their site and so glad to see the company has stood the test of time. Not surprised. High quality product, and will purchase the latest version without hesitation.

Bill Baily

I first heard about this around 1990 through MLM when there was only a one-year warranty and you couldn’t return it for a refund for any reason whatsoever. Now it’s a 3-year warranty and returns are accepted so keep reading. First time I saw one was at my neighbor’s house claiming her son who had allergies sleeps better at night with this on in the living room. A week later, my veterinarian had a pet store with a few dozen fish tanks in the back that stunk up the place, and as I walked in the back door I could no longer smell the fish tanks. He pointed to the Living Air Classic unit above the back door which eliminated the smell completely. No more smelly fish, smelly frogs, smelly dirty water. It was amazing. I am a cat rescuer since 1981 and have had as many as 30 cats in a one-bedroom apartment and no one could smell them because the Living Air Classic unit completely cleans the air. If that alone doesn’t get you to buy one, then I don’t know what else to say. Just don’t believe the hype that ozone is bad for your health, even though the industrial-strength units are, because the Living Air Classic units actually improves your health.

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