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Ozone Blaster 7g

Warranty: 1 year

Maximum Coverage: 3500ft2 (Depending on variables such as the severity and frequency of pollution, flow of air, humidity, and temperature.)
Manual: Ozone Blaster 2 and 7G

EcoQuestTM once more presents a renovated commercial air cleaner for heavy duty. Previous model was limited to produce only 1200 milligram of ozone per hour, while EcoQuestOzone Blaster 7g easily beats the 3500 milligram mark reaching up to unbelievable 7000 milligram of ozone per hour at max. Having such a great tool in your disposal easily solves all problems with fetid odors and unwanted smoke in unoccupied environments.

This device has a wide range of applications serving as an ideal instrument for cleaning freshly painted houses, newly built offices, recently vacated buildings and condos, pet stores, vet clinics, automobiles and boats as well. Ozone Blaster 7g by EcoQuestTM covers areas up to 3500 sq. feet (depending on some environmental conditions inside like humidity, temperatures, level of pollution, and etc.).

EcoQuestTM Ozone Blaster 7g is super easy to use, but you have to remember that this unit is designed to be used in unoccupied areas. Before turning it on make sure that the designated area is completely free of any occupants including pets. If you want to remove unwanted odors from your environment – position Ozone Blaster 7g as close to the smell source as possible. Having a previously installed ventilation system in the area would also help to spread ozone if you switch the fan into recirculate mode.

Ozone plates in this model do not require special treatment or regular cleaning due to integrated self-cleaning process utilizing high voltage that burns all contaminants clogging the plate. Practically, the only thing you have to remember – just to replace ozone plates after they wear off and lose their ability to produce enough ozone. On average, it takes approximately 6000 hours of operation before getting a replacement. Nevertheless, we also recommend changing ozone plates at least once per year for optimal results.

What’s new?
  • A heat sink was added to the inner cabinet for heat-reducing purposes. Ozone plates are less subjected to raising temperature during working sessions, meaning they will last longer.
  • Power socket (and timer as well) now has its own protection box.
  • Stainless steel inner connection terminals for increased reliability.
  • Old version of black foam pre-filters is replaced with stainless steel filter solution. This is an exclusive offer from our suppliers.
  • More power to cover up 3500 square feet with maximum ozone output of 7000 mg/hr.
Weight13 lbs
Maximum Coverage

3500ft2 (Depending on variables such as the severity and frequency of pollution, flow of air, humidity, and temperature.)

Maximum Ozone Output



7.5″H x 8.25″W x 10.125″D


6.6 lbs

AC Power Cord

300V Input: 120V/60Hz 2A Output: 2A

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