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Plug-In Air Ionizer

Warranty: 6 months
  • Application area: up to 200 sq ft
  • Air purifier air volume: 5300-10600 ft3/min

What is does
Millions of ions released by this ionizing odor eliminator efficiently clean the indoor polluted air fr om all the contaminants that fill it. This travel size air ionizer has a compressed shape and is perfect for usage when out and about, during travel, in hotels for instance.

Efficient and Tested Air Purification
This mini air ionizer and sanitizer removes harmful substances, such as secondhand smoke and formaldehyde from the polluted air indoors. The mini air purifier is economical and completely filter-free. It means that you won’t need to keep purchasing and replacing old filters with expensive new ones.  The ionization filter-free technology cleanses your air without any professional maintenance. This smoke dust pet odor eliminator is a fuss-free solution that lets you breathe freely and deeply in your own home without having to worry about allergies, asthma or weird household smells coming from everywhere.

Silent Operation Process
The mini air purifier and odor liquidator provides no noisy fans or engines, no electromagnetic radiation. Just plug it in and enjoy the fresh air and safety breathing during your good night’s sleep. This air purifier and sanitizer is portable, easy to use, and is perfect for families with children, especially if you are on the road a lot.  This type of device is used for ionizing gas or liquid in medical and scientific facilities with the only difference being the size. Used in ventilation systems to purify the air and suppress bacterial activity, this technology got scaled down to simple home usage and is now presented by us to your household.

Where is it Used?
This practical device, mini portable odor eliminator, and air freshener can be used in the toilet as well as bathtubs, pantries, cabinets.

How does it work?
Unfavorable climatic conditions in the room, polluted air, can cause poor health. Especially when it comes to people with allergies. In the long run, indoor air pollution can lead to the development of chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, and pulmonary edema if left untreated. Fortunately, getting rid of these conditions is easy and simple – with the help of a compact cleaner-ionizer. Get an item for every room in your home and enjoy a fresh breath of clean air every time you breathe in. The device provides air purification from dust and allergens and also contributes to oxygen saturation.

Product Advantages:

  • You can place it either by attaching to the wall or simply installing it into any of the outlets around your home.
  • This compact air ionizer and purifier is able to cleanse the air in a room with an area of ​​up to 100 square feet.
  • Fine dust, radiation dust, microbes and bacteria, waste products of animals and ticks, tobacco smoke – an air ionizer will quickly eliminate these and many other unfavorable, but constantly present factors.
  • Unlike other ionizers, here there is no function of collecting dust into the cassette, and dust particles, acquiring a negative charge, are attracted to surrounding objects as a result.

​Thus, air moves through the device and is cleaned without using a fan and any moving elements. Due to this factor, this mini plug-in air ionizer and purifier is reliable, compact and virtually silent.  No replacement filters are required. Also, this compact air purifier does an excellent job eliminating tobacco smoke and other unpleasant odors. By installing such a device in your home, you will immediately feel how rare respiratory diseases have left your family and how the air quality in the house will change for the better.

​This portable air purifier leverages cutting-edge technology to make the air cleaner and healthier. This simple, elegant unit can be plugged right in, no prep needed. It provides clean, fresh air in small, poorly ventilated rooms right away.

​Use it in washing rooms, garages, rooms for animals, bathrooms, kitchens, pantries, toilets, and other small stuffy spaces. These types of rooms usually need air cleaning the most.

​The air purification function is easily activated by simply plugging the device in. Use a USB cord to plug it in if you so desire. You can also use a simple electrical outlet to make the compact air purifier and ionizer work.

​This new device does not use chemicals and harmful technologies, it easily copes with various pollution and smells in the air. This is a quiet, easy to use and economical appliance. Use it, tell us how you like it and come back for more. It makes a great gift for young families with children or people who want cleaner, healthier air in their homes.

What is the process behind ionization? Does it really work?
According to physics, air ions, or rather, the air saturated with them, have their advantages. First of all, they activate the work of red blood cells, increasing gas exchange in the lungs by 10%. This factor, for the most part, determines all the other effects of air ionization:

  • Improving the quality of sleep. Sleep is deeper, healthier and brings a good rest.
  • Increased efficiency and ability to concentrate.
  • Improved well-being, proper rest and oxygenation help to raise immunity.
  • Due to a full night’s rest, the psychological state is normalized, air ions can help in the fight against depression or neurosis.
  • Metabolism is accelerated, which helps to look better, and also accelerate the course of diseases and alleviate their symptoms.
  • Negatively charged ions attract harmful particles from the air, helping to clean it of dust, allergens and gas molecules.
Weight3 lbs

For home (office) use

Control type



up to 200 sq ft







Power consuming

5 Watt


3.15 * 2.36 * 1.97 in

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