TableTop Mist Fan Humidifier

Warranty: 6 months
  • Enjoy the fresh air and healthy life: NO MORE Unbearably hot, NO DRIER air and dry skin due to air-conditioner.
  • Multi-purposes: Not only a fan, but also a humidifier. Three levels: level 1 fan + humidifier, level 2 humidifier, level 3 fan.
  • Angle adjustable: Adjustment in up-down direction
  • No worry of scratches on the surface: made from high grade ABS, with UV surface treated, Ultraviolet light dried, great hardness.
  • PE Blades: no hurt to hand; With 4 small silicon non-slip mats at the bottom, rock solid at the desktop.
  • Powered by built-in 2000MA rechargeable battery. Could used as a emergency power bank to charge mobile phones and digital device through the connection to USB.
  • One touch sensitive switch to control modes ; Easy to operate. (NOTE:Turn on the back switch before using, turn off it when not use).
  • Using time: 5 hours for first level Fan; 3 hours for second level fan;2 hours for Misty; 1.5 hours for Fan+Misty. Features high-speed and long-life micromotor

Two Anti Slip of silica gel

Eco friendly silica gel water plug. Never leakage and easy to operate

Visualization tank/ Big capacity 30ml water tank

Ultrasonic frequency to prevent/ Dry heating the ultrasonic atomizer

Multifunctional indicator

USB power bank/ Charge port

Weight1 lbs

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