What do you need an air purifier for? Types of air purifiers.

January 12, 2023

Today it is becoming more and more important to clean the air in the apartment and get rid of impurities. Their appearance is associated with the impact of various external factors, but regardless of the root cause of the problem, its elimination must be as effective and safe for humans.

For this purpose, different equipment and all sorts of units are involved. Each such device has its own characteristics and at the same time has undeniable advantages compared to competitors. But the most advantageous option is considered air purifier, which guarantees the desired result in a short time and without serious financial costs.

Who needs an air purifier

First let’s deal with the device itself. It has small dimensions and has a fan installed inside. It is with its help that the air enters the unit for purification, and after that it is output outside. The filter modules are responsible for working with the air flow. And their number, depending on the characteristics of the unit, can be very different.

In what situations can not do without the installation of such a device in the apartment? Consumers make a choice in its favor for a variety of reasons. It is indispensable at sites located in the vicinity of roads and busy highways. After all, harmful emissions from road transport can seriously harm human health and his daily well-being.

But the relevance of using an air purifier is not limited to this. It will be just as useful in these situations:

  • Residence in the house of an allergic person or a person with high susceptibility to allergic manifestations of all kinds. They can be provoked by substances of animal and plant origin, bacteria and their products, as well as other related factors;
  • The presence of a sick person in the family or living in an apartment of a pensioner. In any such situation the air must be clean to be inhaled unproblematically;
  • A smoker continuously living in the home or people who are “passive smokers”. Tobacco is not only dangerous when smoked, but also when secondary smoke based on it is inhaled. If such smoke enters the apartment from the outside, it is worth thinking not only about an air purifier, but also about upgrading the ventilation circuit;
  • Living in the house of animals. Their fur quite actively complements the usual household dust with its rapid spread throughout the apartment. Such reminders of pets can be found in the most remote and secluded corners of the room. Equally dangerous and unpleasant pet dander. Especially for people with a tendency to allergies;
  • Overindulgence in upholstered furniture, fireplaces and textiles of all kinds. Such things and objects make the home environment more comfortable and cozy. They are also considered one of the best dust collectors. And in terms of danger they are often compared to the street air that enters the apartment;
  • Too much use of chemicals. Many cleaning and surface care products are formulated quite aggressively. This makes them more effective at combating pollutants, but makes them more dangerous to humans. Especially if the basic rules of operation are not followed.

As practice shows, users often think about buying an air purifier for more than one specific reason. Often we are talking about a whole set of provoking factors, pushing to make this purchase.

Types and characteristics of cleaners

With the relevance of the involvement of devices solved. Now it remains to get acquainted in more detail with their model range and characteristics. There are a variety of classifications, subdividing the equipment into certain classes and categories.

If we talk about the division of devices on the principle of their operation and used in this technology of air purification, they can all be presented as follows:

Sinks and humidifiers

Dry air is difficult to call useful for human lungs and his body as a whole. It is with this purpose were invented humidifiers, which not only remove all sorts of foreign impurities from the treated stream, but also make it as suitable for comfortable inhalation.

Although the effectiveness of the humidifier often leaves much to be desired in the case of complex air purification. After all, it can not completely remove dust particles. The device only makes them heavier, and after soaking they sink down. Breathing thus becomes easier. But the dust from the room is not going anywhere. The principle of a standard humidifier is as follows:

  • Contaminated air enters the inside of the unit;
  • Here, it is humidified with water;
  • After that, the flow passes to a simple filter for cleaning;
  • After its completion, the air exits the unit to the outside.

The washer functions on a different principle. Its main purpose is to clean the air and remove harmful or hazardous impurities from it. Humidification is only an auxiliary function. And nothing more.

The air inside the sink is cleaned by special discs made of solid plastic. They are rotated by the air coming from the fan. A dip in the tray with water cleans and gets rid of accumulated dust on the surface of the blades.

If we talk about the merits of humidifiers with sinks, it should be noted first of all their cost-effectiveness and almost complete silence during operation. And do not forget about the ease of maintenance. To some disadvantages include not the fastest operating speed. When you need prompt room service, you do not have to count on their help.

Air purifiers with dry filter

This kind of equipment is characterized by increased power and efficiency. The principle of its operation is to pass the air stream through several filtering modules at once with complex cleaning at that. The filtration equipment depends on the modification of the particular unit, the pollution of the climate in the region and the degree of the required air purification.

All elements used for removal of hazardous and harmful substances can be classified as follows:

  • For pre-treatment. Modules of this type are designed to detain particles with a maximum size of up to 5 microns;
  • For fine cleaning. The basis with a large number of micro-holes in such elements makes it possible to reliably resist contaminant particles which have a size within 1 micron;
  • HEPA filter. Its capabilities allow productive resistance to the smallest particles of various origins. Purification efficiency can reach 95-99% depending on the conditions of use. But the module itself requires an additional mechanical filter for pre-cleaning the incoming air stream.

Purifiers with ionization system

Devices of this type have a principle of operation, which has much in common with the processes that occur during thunderstorms. When the unit works, the air is electrified and simultaneously saturated with ozone particles. A grid of special steel alloy, electrified by means of the unit, can effectively attract particles of a wide range of dust sizes.

This eliminates the need for a fan for air flow. After all, a slight draft is enough to move it. Even this will be enough to get the air inside the unit and its subsequent productive cleaning from contaminants of all types and categories.

The main characteristics of air purifiers

With equipment for air purification everything is clear. But how do you choose a unit in this or that situation? And what criteria to pay primary attention to? If we talk about the basic nuances of choice, they are as follows:

  • The area of the room. The power of a typical unit is designed to serve the room up to 50 square meters. There are also more powerful installations. And when buying should take into account a certain reserve on the area;
  • The dimensions of the installation. Relevant when the need for frequent movement of the device. In the same case, the presence of convenient handles for carrying should be provided. If you plan to constantly use in one room, the size of the installation does not matter;
  • Number of modes. They determine the speed of the device and the intensity of air purification. Often we are talking about 2-5 modes with the ability to flexibly adjust them depending on environmental conditions.

What to keep in mind when choosing.

Also before making a purchase, it is worth giving answers to such questions:

  • Whether the additional cost of the purchase is important. If not, it is worth choosing a device with a helper, equipped with removable filters. If yes, you can be limited to the purchase of a cheaper device. We are talking about the ozonizer. It works without filters and has no problem in operation;
  • Are you willing to spend time on maintenance. Long and trouble-free operation of any appliance requires periodic maintenance. The washer or humidifier are the most demanding units in this aspect. They need to be taken care of every day. The electrostatic model will require weekly maintenance. An ionizer only needs to be vacuumed once a month;
  • How often do you plan to turn the unit on? Less powerful units are more economical in constant use. For occasional use, the more powerful model is the best buy.

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