Why do we need an air purifier? We will choose the model together with the ecologist.

December 2, 2022

Judging by the advertisement, you will be able to breathe almost perfect air thanks to «smart» technology in your home: without dust, harmful substances and even unpleasant odors. Of course, an air purifier for home won’t solve every problem, but it can do a few important things.


According to the World Health Organization, polluted air contributes to the development of a variety of diseases, including very dangerous ones: allergic reactions, as well as problems with the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Sometimes the air at home is dirtier than outside. The fact is that in addition to street pollution (emissions from industrial enterprises, exhaust gases, various allergens, fumes of reagents, a fine suspension of tire particles and sand, and much more), there are other specific pollution at home:

  • accumulated plant pollen;
  • wool, and the skin particles of domestic animals;
  • finely dispersed dust of various origins;
  • harmful discharge of furniture elements;
  • chemical contamination from the use of cleaning products.

This is an example list. It all depends on the specific apartment situation: the set of household air pollutants can be different.

Particularly relevant are air purifiers in houses and apartments that are located near noisy roads, highways, in environmentally polluted areas.

However, the air purifier doesn’t replace wet cleaning, but only extends the allowable intervals between wet cleanings.

In addition, air purifiers consume a lot of electricity, which is not very environmentally friendly.


There are dozens of types of air purifiers: simple, complex, photocatalyst, ionizers, coarse cleaning technologies, and even humidifiers. In fact, they are divided into two large groups: standard (the built-in fan draws in air and drives it through the filter system) and breathers (the supply ventilation device supplies air from the street to the room, cleaning it and heating it to a comfortable temperature – editor’s note).

The expert said: «Such variety is mainly a matter of advertising. We have to look at the price and the tasks».

For example, an air purifier with plasma filters will help get rid of dust, pollen, and the consequences of repairs. It will «attract» dust particles with an electric charge.

Another type of device with electrostatic filters is ideal for allergy sufferers. The additional function of a humidifier is not always useful, because excess moisture contributes to the development of colonies of microorganisms.

An air purifier with a carbon filter will well eliminate tobacco smoke, the smell of a cat or a hamster. It drives air through the sorbent by means of an electric motor.

The expert added: «Still, you don’t need to think that filters will turn the air into crystal clear. The gases will not clear completely. Filters can reduce the concentration of nitrogen oxides, formaldehyde and phenol. They help allergy sufferers; react to dust particles and traces of mites. They will handle the cement dust after the repair».


When buying an air purifier, also pay attention to the cost of filter cartridges. They can be very expensive and will need to be replaced frequently. Otherwise, they can be harmful to health.

Read the instructions for use and do as it’s written there. Don’t spare money, because the manufacturer clearly calculated everything. For example, if the filter is carbon, then the sorbent will fill up and begin to pollute the air.

Install the filter at the head of the bed. Then the person will wake up cheerful. You can also place the device near the source of an unpleasant odor or allergy.

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